McDonald's Online McDelivery Goodies

McDonald’s Online McDelivery Goodies – McShare Box of 6 for Only P299

  Skip the long lines and satis-FRY your cravings with McShare Box of 6 available via McDonald’s Online McDelivery Goodies!   Dig in to some chicken goodness without leaving the comfort of your home.  McDonald’s Online McDelivery Goodies is back to satiate your stomach’s desire for crispy and savory friend chicken. Appease your hunger and fill your […]

Kreme's Original Craving Promo

Krispy Kreme’s Original Craving Promo PLUS Easter Treats – April 2019

  No need for a craze, just look at that glaze and indulge on Krispy Kreme’s Original Craving Promo! Brave the hot season with an equally scorching hot deal from your favorite doughnut shop. Bring the sugar rush to the next level with Krispy Kreme’s Original Craving Promo available from April 22 until 30, 2019. Share […]

Tokyo Tokyo Anniversary Treat 2019

Tokyo Tokyo Anniversary Treat 2019 – 50% OFF on California Maki on Apr. 25

Discover the gastronomic wonders of Japanese cuisine with Tokyo Tokyo Anniversary Treat 2019!   TOKYO TOKYO has become synonymous with quality and affordable Japanese meals that satisfy every Filipino appetite. It has masterfully combined traditional and modern Japanese flavors for 34 years. And to celebrate their 34th year milestone, they offer a temptingly tasty treat […]

Yellow Cab Pizza's Lenten Bundle Promo

Yellow Cab Pizza’s Lenten Bundle Promo – April 12 -21, 2019 ONLY

  Stick to your fast and experience bites of goodness from Yellow Cab Pizza’s Lenten Bundle Promo!   Skipping meat this Lenten Season? Eating meatless meals during the Holy Week doesn’t have to be a struggle. Bring Lent to life and load up on great savings with Yellow Cab Pizza’s Lenten Bundle Promo. Savor every bite of […]

Shakey's Pizza Super Deal

Shakey’s Pizza Super Deal – April 9 to 11, 2019

  Tickle your taste buds as you devour on Shakey’s Pizza Super Deal!     The temps are going up! As everyone gears up for the summer season, our favorite pizza palace has rocked up with Shakey’s Pizza Super Deal. Bursting with flavor and excitement, prepare to engage in another pizza binge-eating adventure that won’t […]

Dairy Queen Birthday Treats 2019

Dairy Queen Birthday Treats 2019 – P1 Blizzard and FREE Vanilla Cones

    Melt your mid-week stress away with something creamy and delightful from Dairy Queen Birthday Treats 2019!   Don’t let your worries and the stressful days rain on your parade. Instead, take a deep breath and join DQ Philippines‘ anniversary blowout. Cheer up, sweet tooth advocates. Your guilty pressure should be savored with a […]

12th CHILI’S Burger Day

12th CHILI’S Burger Day – Big Mouth Burgers with Pepsi for only P219

  Shape up and get ready for a full-bodied chow fest with 12th CHILI’S Burger Day!   Looking for some midweek delight? Well, look no further. Chili’s is cooking up something that will surely beef you up! Perfect patties. Tempting toppings. Freshest ingredients. The 12th CHILI’S Burger Day is an ensemble of gastronomic masterpieces, perfect […]

Max's New Ultimate Summer Treats for 2019

Max’s New Ultimate Summer Treats for 2019

Work up an appetite with Max’s New Ultimate Summer Treats for 2019!     Embrace the warm weather as our favorite fried chicken restaurant serves us the tastiest and most delightful treats this summer. Max’s New Ultimate Summer Treats for 2019 is guaranteed to make our family bonding extra special with a wide-array of deals from […]

Costa Coffee's Frostino Wednesday Treat for April 2019

Costa Coffee’s Frostino Wednesday Treat for April 2019

< It is time to soothe your senses these long sunny days with Costa Coffee’s Frostino Wednesday Treat for April 2019!   Summer is all about the perfect mixture of fun, like pools and baseball games, and sun. And what better way to soak up the sun than with a refreshing and thirst-quenching treat from Costa […]

Shakey’s New Breakfast Bunch

Shakey’s New Breakfast Bunch for only P169 until May 31, 2019

  Rise and shine as you indulge on Shakey’s New Breakfast Bunch for only P169!     Perk up your day with a hearty meal that is guaranteed to delight your morning or refuel for well-deserved afternoon snack. Shakey’s New Breakfast Bunch lets you pamper your taste buds with Bacon ‘N’ Cheese Pizza, Sausage ‘N’ Cheese Pizza […]

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