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DwejiOut Korean Buffet

DwejiOut Korean Buffet UNLI Sogogi, Samgyupsal and More for Php350

Set those grills ablaze and get lost in an appetizing feast from DwejiOut Korean Buffet!   On top of K-Dramas and K-Pop, the unstoppable rising popularity of Korean cuisines among Pinoy foodies has become apparent. There is so much love for Korean food that is currently sweeping the nation. So, if you are one of those who […]

Wings James All-In Unli

Wings James All-In Unli for Php499 Plus More Treats

Whet your appetite and experience a hefty feast from Wings James All-In Unli promo.   Chicken wings, no matter how they are prepared, are an excellent stuff to dig in. It never fails to tickle a foodie’s taste buds. If you are looking for a fill of this scrumptious treat that won’t break your bank, never miss Wings […]

Chef Joel Directo Restaurant

Chef Joel Directo Restaurant’s EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN Promo for as Low as Php259

Embark on a  smorgasbord of culinary treats from Chef Joel Directo Restaurant’s EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN Promo!   Are you looking for a place to fill your tummy without emptying your wallet? Grab your favorite food buddies and get the biggest bang for your buck. Bring your big appetites at Chef Joel Directo Restaurant’s EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN Promo and enjoy endless options of palatable pleasures. […]

Krispy Kreme's Heroes Treat

Krispy Kreme’s Heroes Treat – Half Dozen for Php149 from August 13 to 19, 2018

Rainy days mean warm donuts from Krispy Kreme’s Heroes Treat!   When you need something comforting on a rainy day, a box or two of sweet treat is a way to go. Our favorite doughnut and coffee shop is here to save our day. Krispy Kreme’s Heroes Treat is perfect goody to curl up with on cold and gloomy days. Indulge in a […]

California Pizza Kitchen Philippines’ National Pizza Days 2018 – Aug 14 to 16

Spice up your week and get a slice of “California Pizza Kitchen Philippines’ National Pizza Days 2018 promo!   ATTENTION pizza lovers ! Here is a mid-week booster that will brighten up your our blues.  Save some dough as California Pizza Kitchen Philippines celebrates the National Pizza Days 2018 with an irresistible Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pizza promo.  Order any Regular […]

Dunkin' Donuts Big Deals

Dunkin’ Donuts Big Deals until December 31, 2018

It is time to fulfill our sugary fantasies from Dunkin’ Donuts Big Deals.     Calling all sweet tooth advocates! Let the luscious flavors of Dunkin’ Donuts Big Deals melts in your mouth and delight your palate in nonstop decadence. Share the sweetness with your love ones when you order the Big Deals treats from our favorite doughnut and coffee shop. […]

Super Bowl of China 17th Anniversary Promo

Super Bowl of China 17th Anniversary Promo – 50% OFF on Half Fried Chicken

Put down the bucket! This isn’t not just a finger-licking goodness. It is Super Bowl of China 17th Anniversary Promo! Your favorite spot to get a hefty serving of Chinese cuisines is turning 17 this week! So ready your chopsticks as a myriad of mouthwatering treats come your way on August 7, 2018. Tag your taste buddies […]

Yellow Cab Pizza - Buy 2 Take 2

Yellow Cab Pizza – Buy 2 Take 2: CHICKEN, CHICKEN, CHICKEN! until Aug. 16, 2018

Twice the spice and savor every bite of  Yellow Cab Pizza – Buy 2 Take 2 promo!   Welcome the month with a massive explosion of flavors from our favorite comfort food. Yellow Cab Pizza – Buy 2 Take 2 promo will surely kick us in the taste buds as it features a perfect combo that has […]

Tempura Grill Anniversary Treat

Tempura Grill Anniversary Treat- Donburi Rice Bowl for P17 ONLY!

Capture the taste of authentic Japanese rice bowls at Tempura Grill Anniversary Treat!   One of the leading casual and modern Japanese Restaurant in the country is celebrating its 17th Anniversary with a BANG! Get your Japanese Donburi or “Rice Bowl Dish” fix from Tempura Grill Anniversary Treat.  Revel in tasty, hearty and affordable rice bowls for just Php17 from August […]

House of Lasagna's World Lasagna Day

House of Lasagna’s World Lasagna Day Promo- July 30, 2018 ONLY

Start your week right with House of Lasagna’s World Lasagna Day Promo!   Feeling gloomy on a Monday? House of Lasagna feels you. Our favorite Italian-inspired restaurant understands that getting back into the swing of school activities or office works on a Monday has always been a challenge. And if you are a lasagna lover who is […]

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