Greenwich Pizza Bonding Bundles

Greenwich Pizza Bonding Bundles and More!



Fuel up your payday weekend with tantalizing gastronomic treats from Greenwich Pizza Bonding Bundles!



Tuck in for less, foodies! If you’re looking for a perfect deal to get your chicken and carb fix, look no further. Let your creative juices flow as you indulge on Greenwich Pizza Bonding Bundles. Overloaded with delightful flavors and awesomeness, the store’s newest bundle includes  pizza, pasta, and chicken!


Already good for 7-8 pax, revel on these all-time favorites for just ₱1,199 . Save ₱316 when you order today for delivery, take-out or pick up.

  • 🍕 9” Hawaiian Overload® & 9” Cheeseburger Classic
  • 🍝 Meaty Spaghetti Medium Pan
  • 🍗 8pcs Crunchy Chicken









Bonding Bundle 499 (Good for 3pax) includes:
  • 9” Hawaiian Overload
  • Lasagna Supreme Small Pan,
  • Medium Potato Waves with Dip









Bonding Bundle 599 (Good for 4 pax)

  • 9” Hawaiian Overload
  • 9” Cheeseburger Classic
  • Meaty Spaghetti Small Pan
  • Medium Potato Waves with Dip. 











Bonding Bundle 899 (Good for 5 to 6 pax)

  • 9” Hawaiian Overload
  • 9” Cheeseburger Classic
  • Lasagna Supreme Medium Pan
  • Large Potato Waves with 2 Dips






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Post Author: Corey Curipot