Potato Corner FREE Large Fries

Potato Corner FREE Large Fries on July 13, 2018 ONLY

Potato Corner FREE Large Fries will turn your Fry-Day the 13th into Fry-Yay the 13th!


Are you in the mood to satisfy a french fry craving? Then Friday, July 13, is the perfect day for you. It’s National Fries Day! So go ahead and indulge Potato Corner FREE Large Fries without a twinge of guilt. Visit the nearest Potato Corner to get a FREE Large Fries for every purchase of Mega Fries! Get a hold of those sizzling hot strips of  greasy goodness that gives us the deep fried pleasure. Go all out with the ketchup, mayo and mustard. There is nothing more comforting, than the amazing potato in its most glorious form: the French Fry. Tag your food trip buddy as the offer valid only on July 13, 2018.


The promo is available in ALL Potato Corner Stores nationwide. Please note that the FREE item can be ANY flavor, EXCEPT Truffle. Visit their official Facebook Page for more updates.



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