Bonchon Holiday Delivery Special

Bonchon Holiday Delivery Special on August 19-21 and August 25-27, 2018

Out with the diets, in with crispy Fried Chicken from Bonchon Holiday Delivery Special.   Cope up with the bed weather by comforting yourself with a sweet and spicy fried chicken. Get ready to thrill your taste buds and excite your palates. Bonchon Holiday Delivery Special is set to fire up your appetite. Enjoy a 2-piece K-Style Chicken for FREE […]

Bonchon Chicken Wing Month Celebration

Bonchon Chicken Wing Month Celebration – ALL Tuesdays of July 2018

Take a break and have a bite of Bonchon Chicken Wing Month Celebration!   National Chicken Wing Day is coming up this July 29th. For sure, tons of restaurants and diners are already prepping up to celebrate the world’s most popular appetizer. But why limit the celebration to one day? Chicken wings deserve more than that. BonChon is kicking […]

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