Chowking Christmas Bucket Blowout

Chowking Christmas Bucket Blowout – FREE Siomai Platter

The Holiday Season just got better with Chowking Christmas Bucket Blowout!   Only a few days left until Christmas and we’re already feeling the holiday spirit in our tummies. Meal times over pieces of juicy and flavorful fried chicken always bring so much joy to everyone. And what’s better than a bucket of friend chicken? An […]

Chowking's Extend Your Summer Treats

Chowking’s Extend Your Summer Treats Until August 2, 2020 Only

Stretch the sizzling and blistering sunny days (and nights) with creamy delights from Chowking’s Extend Your Summer Treats Promo!     There’s something about shaved ice dessert that we, Filipinos, love to dig in. And Halo-Halo is the first thing that comes to mind when asked about desserts. It is our all-time favorite – our most […]

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