All Year Round Super Fuel Sale

Members Only || Landers Superstore’s All Year Round Super Fuel Sale Promo

Gas up and go where the road takes you with Landers Superstore’s All Year Round Super Fuel Sale Promo!


Embarking on a road-trip these days is not simple as throwing your luggage and favorite stuff  into the car. With regular upward trend on gas prices and other expenses, even a relatively short trip could leave your budget bleeding. Worry no more! Be the master of the road when you avail Landers Superstore’s All Year Round Super Fuel Sale Promo that started last May 15, 2018. Enjoy discounts on Platinum, Silver and Diesel when you gas up at Landers-Caltex stations. This offer is valid for every single receipt purchase of Php4,000.00 at any Landers Superstore. 



1. All Landers Superstore members can avail of this promo starting May 15 in all branches and Landers-Caltex gas stations.

2. A member automatically gets one (1) fuel discount coupon for every single receipt purchase of P4,000.00 at Landers Superstore.

3. The discount coupon which will be attached to the receiptL

          Php 4,000.00 single receipt = 1 fuel discount coupon
         Php 8,000.00 single receipt = 2 fuel discount coupons

NOTE: The purchases made at the following locations are not eligible for the fuel discount coupon:

     Landers Central
     Federal Barbers
     Capital Care

4. The fuel discount coupon entitles a member to the following fuel discounts:

    Platinum – Minimum of P7.00 off per liter
    Silver – Minimum of P7.00 off per liter 
    Diesel – Minimum of P4.00 off per liter 

5. A member must present the fuel discount coupon along with his membership card before fueling up at any Landers-Caltex gas station. (Membership card name and name of fuel discount holder should match)

6. Member may use the fuel discount coupon to fuel up one (1) car only. (i.e., One (1) fuel discount coupon = One (1) car only).

7. Fuel discount coupons are non-convertible to cash, non-transferable, and cannot be reprinted. Lost fuel discount coupons are automatically void.


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