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13 Creative Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Old Picture Frames

Got some spare picture frames hanging around or no longer serving their intended purpose?

Picture frames are no longer just for hanging photos showcasing your most memorable moments. They are perfect base material for another creative and budget-friendly project. Instead of throwing them away, you might want to consider converting them to a cool home decor or even a handy furniture .

A proud kuripot believes in the diversity of picture frames.  Why spend money on something new when possibilities to re-purpose existing items are endless. And most of them can be done with minimal effort on our part. So here is ten (10) of them:


  1. Message Board


This is perfect both at home and in the office. Keep track of your bills, receipts and other to-do lists. Leave a reminder or short note to your loved ones. You can check a short tutorial from the House of Smiths by clicking HERE.




2.  Jewelry Holder


Never misplace your precious jewelry again. Re-purposed picture is an ideal place to store your earrings, necklaces and other sparkling gems. Check out the tutorials HERE from Home Talk



3. Succulent Frame


This is a must-try for people with green thumb. All you need is a frame, a shallow wooden ‘shadow box’, moss and a rectangle piece of chicken wire cut to fit. Check out the full instructions HERE from Youngs Garden.



4. Seasonal Wreath Decor


Better Homes and Gardens‘ Frame Wreath is ideal for the holiday season. Simply add chicken wire at the back of the frame and then attach your favorite seasonal decorations around it.



5. Table Centerpiece


Picture frames also work best for crafting a centerpiece for your table.  Just place lovely vases and colorful flowers on top, or even enjoy lovely aromas from scented candles and accessories.  Picture Frame Centerpiece from Lemon Tree Creations



6. Dessert Tray or Serving Tray


Bake sweet desserts and pastries. Serve these delightful treats on practical and stylish range of serving trays made from picture frames. Check out the Ruffled Blog for the complete instructions.




7.  Office/Table Organizer


Create extra-organizer for all of your office needs. All you need is a picture frame,  piece of fabric,  glue and requires a little sewing.  Click HERE for the details from Wishful Tinker.



8. Frame Towel Bar


A frame towel bar is such a neat and cool idea. This will surely impress all your guests and visitors. Check out Robo Lady for the full instructions.



9. Frame Gallery


Have lots of frame of various styles and designs? A Frame Gallery is a excellent idea for your spacious interior with blank wall.  Get the steps from Makely Home. 



10. Book Shelves


Here is for the bookworms. Fasten your old picture frame on a wooden box frame to display and store your book collection. Get the complete instructions from Change of Sceneries.




11. Build A Terrarium


The “plantitos/plantitas among us will appreciate this: a DIY terrarium. Choose frames that come with a glass pane, place hothouse plants inside, then set your creation any place in the home that gets enough sun. Brilliant! Watch the full video tutorial on Michael Stores YouTube channel by clicking HERE.




12. Bathroom Makeover Project

need decor too! Check out one of this brilliant ideas for things you can frame and hang to bring out the best in your bathroom. Full tutorial can be found at iheartnaptime.net




13. Tiered Tray


What Treasures Await has a clever DIY idea- a tiered tray made from used frames! And it looks pretty great too! See full instructions from Intelligent Domestications on how to build your DIY Tiered Tray HERE.




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