Dairy Queen's Payday Treat

Dairy Queen’s Payday Treat – Buy One Get One on Medium Blizzard

Sweeten up your payday food trip adventure and experience an exciting indulgence of soft serve blends from Dairy Queen’s Payday Treat! It only takes decadent scoops of soft-serve ice cream to brighten up your day. Cheer up and taste the sensation of Dairy Queen’s Payday Treat- Buy One Get One Medium Blizzard! For only Php129 […]

Piso Pizza Promo at Pizza Hut

Piso Pizza Promo at Pizza Hut Until April 14, 2019


Exploding with the more taste, more toppings and more crunch- Piso Pizza Promo at Pizza Hut is back to warm every foodie’s heart.

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Pizza Hut's Piso Pizza Promo

Pizza Hut’s Piso Pizza Promo on #WorldPizzaDay – February 9, 2019 ONLY

It is time to fulfill your appetite without blowing your budget with Pizza Hut’s Piso Pizza Promo!   Saturday the 9th is #WorldPizzaDay- a day to celebrate the most famous and iconic Italian dish in the world! Pizzas were meant to be baked to make our heart and soul jump for joy. This is the reason why foodies around […]

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