13th Zark's Burgers Anniversary Treat

13th Zark’s Burgers Anniversary Treat & Their Ultimate Zarkada Meals

Bite into a beefy deal from 13th Zark’s Burgers Anniversary Treat & their ultimate Zarkada Meals!   Here’s one of the many reasons why our Mondays won’t be so blue this August- 13th Zark’s Burgers Anniversary Treat. Save the dates as our favorite fast-food chain celebrates 13 years of FRESH, HUGE, GREAT burgers.      From […]

Zark’s Burgers National Jawbreaker Days – May 20 & 27, 2019

    Beat the Monday blues and relish on a BIGGER, BETTER and LONGER Zark’s Burgers National Jawbreaker Days!       Monday is the most dreaded day of the week not only because it is the day after a fun and adventurous weekend. It also the start of another overwhelming and stressful work / […]

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