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Jollibee Delivericious Deals: 6+1, 8+2 Chickenjoy Promo Extended Until Mar 31 Only

Satiate your taste buds with Philippines’ best-tasting, crispylicious and juicylicious Jollibee Delivericious Deals!

Between the crispy coating and deliciously juicy meat, Jollibee’s famous Chicken Joy bucket is simply an irresistible comfort food. And lucky for us, we can satisfy all our cravings by getting our chicken joy favorites delivered to our door with FREEBIES! Jollibee Delivericious Deals will let us enjoy two (2) FREE additional pieces of Chickenjoy on every purchase of 8-pc. Chickenjoy Bucket Solo. Indulge in one (1) FREE additional piece if you order 6-pc. Chickenjoy Bucket Solo.

8-pc Chickenjoy Bucket Solo is priced at Php533.50 while the 6-pc Chickenjoy Bucket Solo costs Php407.00. These prices might have delivery charges added to it since the current Jollibee Bucket Meal Price are:

6-pc Chickenjoy Solo – P360.00
8-pc Chickenjoy Solo – P475.00
6-pc. Chickenjoy Value Meal – P425.00
8-pc. Chickenjoy Value Meal – P559.00
6-pc. Chickenjoy w/ Rice, Sides, Mini Sundaes (or Pies) & Drinks – P559.00
8-pc. Chickenjoy w/ Rice, Sides, Mini Sundaes (or Pies) & Drinks – P719.00

 The 6+1, 8+2 Chickenjoy Promo has extended until March 31, 2019 and is exclusive for  Jollibee Delivery transactions only. You just need to dial hashtag (#) then 87000 to place your order. 

NOTE: In the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, senior citizens can avail of the promotional discount, or the discount provided under the expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2010, whichever is higher.

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Post Author: Corey Curipot


2 thoughts on “Jollibee Delivericious Deals: 6+1, 8+2 Chickenjoy Promo Extended Until Mar 31 Only



    (April 29, 2019 - 10:55 am)

    Paid P412 for 6+1. Mas napamahal pa yata ako LOL


      Corey Curipot

      (April 29, 2019 - 3:27 pm)

      Aww… grabe. Depende po ata sa branch/location nyo?
      Nag order kami kahapon ng 8+2 for P544.50 tapos less (2) senior P155.57 ; total = P388.93

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