8 Clever and Creative Ways to Re-use Toilet Paper Rolls

The next time you are about to throw an empty roll of toilet paper in the bin- STOP! There are tons of amazing DYI projects and incredible ways to re-use these household staples. And we have listed 8 Clever and Creative Ways to Re-use Toilet Paper Rolls.   As much as possible, Proud Kuripot would […]

Picture Frames

10 Creative Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Old Picture Frames

Got some spare picture frames hanging around or no longer serving their intended purpose? Picture frames are no longer just for hanging photos showcasing your most memorable moments. They are perfect base material for another creative and budget-friendly project. Instead of throwing them away, you might want to consider converting them to a cool home decor or even a […]

13 Lucky Fruits

13 Lucky Fruits for Media Noche – a Filipino New Year’s Eve Tradition

Handa ka na ba, Beshie!! Isa na namang digmaan ang magaganap sa paghagilap ng 13 lucky fruits para sa Media Noche! How time flies so fast! Can you believe it’s already 2018?! This thought brings a refreshing feeling of renewal and hope that many of us look forward to. New Year’s Eve celebration in the […]

Creative DIY Ways to Re-Purpose Old Tires

Creative DIY Ways to Re-Purpose Old Tires

Earth warriors, add some charm to your home with these creative DIY ways to re-purpose old tires! Old Tires continue to be a growing problem when it comes to waste management. Though a part of them are being recycled, the other big part are harmful for the environment. Instead of discarding them and having them end up in landfill, why […]

Video || DIY Recycled Newspaper Basket and More!

Recycling is a growing trend and is extremely good for the environment. If you have a pile of old newspaper at home, don’t just throw them away. Recycle and turn them into fabulous and useful baskets.  It’s a great way to be GREEN! Watch this brilliant video of making beautiful baskets from recycled newspapers. They make such a cute home decor, and organizer […]

Recycle Old Bathroom Towels

VIDEO : 6 Unique Ways to Recycle Old Bathroom Towels

Get inspired by these 6 unique ways to recycle old bathroom towels. Think twice before tossing those frayed, worn bathroom towels into to a garbage can. Check out this video for 6 unique and handy things you can make from old towels. Comment below which of the 6 is your favorite. Video Courtesy of 5-Minute Crafts,      

Recycle Jeans

Creative DIY Ways to Recycle Jeans

Blue Jeans GO GREEN! Here is a  YouTube that presents creative DIY ways to recycle jeans. Creative DIY Ways to Recycle Jeans – You cherished them, you patched them, maybe even cut them off. But but there will really come a time to kiss your beloved blue jeans goodbye. Before you totally kick them out […]

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