15 Clever and Creative Ways to Re-use Toilet Paper Rolls

The next time you are about to throw an empty roll of toilet paper in the bin- STOP! There are tons of amazing DYI projects and incredible ways to re-use these household staples. And we have listed 15 Clever and Creative Ways to Re-use Toilet Paper Rolls.


As much as possible, Proud Kuripot would like to be an advocate of  transforming an ordinary item into something extraordinary. We love to take a creative look at simple things- even the used ones. And that includes paper towels and toilet paper rolls.  We all use the tissue and the roll that it came on would usually end up in the garbage.


Instead of getting rid of them, why not breathe some new life into them? They are perfect for creative crafts, colorful organizers and even attractive decorations or awesome everyday hacks. The scope and possibilities  for creativity are endless! Still not convinced? Well, check out these 15 Clever and Creative Ways to Reuse Paper Rolls.


Desk Organizer

Who doesn’t need a desk organizer? Ideal for home, office and can be a school project as well. Store your pencils, pens, paper clips and other school and office supplies in this elegant and perfectly coordinated desk tidy.


Toilet Paper Rolls

Image from Mod Podge Rocks blog


Here are the materials you will need:

For the easy to follow directions, click HERE.



Tubes as Math Toys and Activities


How about delightful toys & games for your little ball of sunshine? You can use repurposed paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, and even wrapping paper rolls for some amazing cardboard tube for fun math activities! 




Set up your own number bowling game with tubes and cardboard boxes. This activity will teach kids how to recognize the numbers using recycled toilet paper. Color Made Me Happy has the full instructions on how to create your own bowling game using empty paper rolls. Just click HERE  for the details. 

This caterpillar math activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning, on the other hand, is a great way to introduce number recognition and counting. All you need are toilet paper tubes, assorted colors of craft paint, markers and paintbrushes plus straws. See full instructions HERE


Create your own toilet paper tube number chain to make your own toilet paper roll number sequencing math activity at home! These counting tubes are a fun and hands-on way for your little ones to learn number recognition and work on important fine motor skills.

Napkin Holders


Although these impressive napkin holders have a distinctly festive theme, they can be decorated to suit any type of holiday or special occasion – just choose paint and glitter in colors that suit the occasion. Adorn them with some tiny natural charms of your choice and voila! 



Two it Yourself  has the full guide and instructions. Click HERE to view. 

Toy Train

Your kiddo will have a blast making and playing this toy train made out of empty paper towel rolls. Let your kid’s imagination run wild with colorful materials and creative designs. For this, you will need the following materials.

  • 6 Toilet Paper Roll Tubes
  • 1 Skinny Cardboard Tube (I used the center of a roll of foil)
  • 20 Lids (milk containers, Vitamin waters, Gatorade)
  • Craft Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Yarn
  • Hole Punch or Something to Make a Hole in the Cardboard Tube
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


Toilet Paper Rolls

Image from Kids Activities blog


Learn how to create this work of art. Have your little ball of sunshine join the activity for an awesome bonding time. Click HERE for the full instructions.


Phone Holders

Make this DIY phone holder the stellar piece on your desk or study table. Learn how to make this easy but stunning phone holder out of empty toilet rolls, glue and foam sheets. Unleash your inner craftsmanship and add your own touch to this project using their favorite decorations. What a cool, stylish and unique idea to add a fun element to your home decor!



Toilet Paper Rolls


Enjoy the video tutorial below from Innova Crafts:




Wall Art

Deck your wall with extravagant DIY wall art! Let us help you fight the boring wall plague with amazing and unique art pieces that won’t cost a fortune. All you need are combo of toilet paper and paper towel rolls, glue, a pair scissors, craft paint- and of course your glowing imaginative ideas.


Toilet Paper Rolls


Running out of designs and ideas? Worry not, WooHome got us covered. Check out their list of 30 Homemade Crafts for Wall Art by clicking HERE.



Plant Pots 

Any budgetarians with green thumb? If you are into gardening but cannot buy those typical plan pots, you could use something incredibly cheap and efficient. You can start with toilet paper roll crafts that works well with vegetable seeds like peas, herbs, beans and more.


Toilet Paper Rolls


Here’s a quick and easy video on how to turn your empty paper towel and toil paper rolls into a mini garden.




Pillow Gift Box

Now, here is a nice way to wrap small items as gift. Be it a piece of jewelry, a pin, or even store some paper bills and coins. This is also a great idea for party favors. Use colorful and glittery papers on your wrapping rolls to add some style and personality. For sure, you will keep an eye for rolls once you get the hang of these masterpieces.


Toilet Paper Rolls

Image from Private Property ZA


Here is what you need in creating pillow boxes out of the cardboard rolls

    • Cardboard roll – toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, gift wrap roll, etc.
    • Craft knife
    • Ribbons, wrapping paper, stamps, and other decorations.


Toy Storage

If you have a lil boy, you must usually have dozens, if not hundreds of toy cars all over the house. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a special place to store them? Like a garage? Keep your kid’s playroom safe and neat with DIY toy car garage as shown below.  With this incredibly cool craft, you and your boys can customize a totally awesome garage for their favorite cars. You can also color-code, and put amazing designs on it.


Toilet Paper Rolls



What You Will Need:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paper towel rolls (however many you need for all of your cars)
  • Shoe box or other cardboard box with lid
  • Craft glue
  • Tape
  • Paint (to customize your garage!)

You can check out the full instructions from Third Spot on the Right blog page. Click HERE for more information.


Eyeglass Cases

Eyeglass cases can sometimes be a little expensive. So why not create your own at home? Not only it will save you from spending more, you will also get to customize it depending on your taste and personality. You will just need (1) Paper towel tube or wrapping paper tube (2) a fabric (3) craft glue and a pair of scissors.


Toilet Paper Rolls

Image from Homework Blog/Carolyn


For full directions on how to make an easy no-sew eye glass, please click HERE.


Christmas Decors


BER months are coming! And if you are looking for creative ways to decorate your crib for the holidays, check out www.krotokak.com fun Christmas craft that is a sure hit with kiddos. In fact, these look so good that no one will be able to tell they were made from paper tubes!





All you need are toilet paper rolls, some red paper and other colors,  some glue, a pair of scissors plus black marker. An A4 sheet of red paper will be enough for one roll. Click HERE for the full instructions. 


DIY Flower Wall Art


Has an empty and boring wall? Here are some of DIY flower wall art ideas that are very easy to make. All you need is some empty toilet paper rolls, glue and paint. It makes a nice decoration for your walls. 





YouTube user Crafts CM has uploaded an amazing vid on how to make this work of art. Check out the vid below. Happy Crafting!








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