Shakey's Monster Meal Deal

Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal for Php2,939 – Good for 10 to 12 Pax

Here is a fete that you just can’t say no to – Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal!

Nothing brings people together like a shared meal. If you wish to get all your cravings under just one roof, then check out Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal. Relish a gratifying meal and embark on a belly-satisfying food trip with your family or friends. For just Php2,939, Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal will surely satisfy even the most overindulgent appetites and expectations. This can be shared with up to a dozen foodies, which means it is Php245 per head.


Shakey's Monster Meal Deal



 Imagine these Shakey’s favorites in one affordable bundle that is perfect for any bonding moments!

  • Choose any two (2) Large crisp brick-oven baked pizza
  • Two (2) Platters of rich and flavorful pasta: Classic Spaghetti & Carbonara Supreme
  • Twelve (12) Pieces Chicken ‘n’ Mojos Party Pack
  • Three (3) bottles of Coke


This offer is available for dine-in, take out and delivery transactions. You can order online by CLICKING HERE. You may call 77-777 or #77-777 TOLL-FREE for Globe, TM, and Globe Landlines.

NOTE: Senior discount and SuperCard discount may be applied on this promo.


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