Manila Sundance Anniversary Sale

Manila Sundance Anniversary Sale until Sept. 2, 2018

Manila Sundance Anniversary Sale will surely rock your style without blowing your budget!  Our well-loved fashion bazaar turns 5! And what a better way to celebrate than a birthday blowout madness! Fashionistas’ wardrobe wishes has just been granted at the Manila Sundance Anniversary Sale. Keep your fashion game strong with stylish finds at amazing deals. Join the celebration happening […]

Trendsetter's Bazaar NOTHING OVER 99 DISTRICT

Trendsetter’s Bazaar NOTHING OVER 99 DISTRICT until Sept 2, 2018

Get the fashion looks you love at the prices you want at Trendsetter’s Bazaar NOTHING OVER 99 DISTRICT.    Hop the pre-holiday hype as our go-to shopping haven brings back over 150 brands of impressive collection. Gird your loins and get ready to call dibs on latest fashion style from Trendsetter’s Bazaar NOTHING OVER 99 DISTRICT. Whether you want get […]

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