13 Lucky Fruits

13 Lucky Fruits for Media Noche – a Filipino New Year’s Eve Tradition

Handa ka na ba, Beshie!! Isa na namang digmaan ang magaganap sa paghagilap ng 13 lucky fruits para sa Media Noche!

How time flies so fast! Can you believe it’s already 2018?! This thought brings a refreshing feeling of renewal and hope that many of us look forward to. New Year’s Eve celebration in the Philippines would not be complete without the usual stars of the festivities.

What else but the F4 of New Year’s EveFood, Fruits, Fireworks and Family!

Part of our family tradition is to have an assortment of fruits (13 in total) as our centerpiece during our Media Noche feast. Why 13, instead of 12? Though, many of us Filipinos believe that 13 is actually a bad luck. The Chinese community believes that 13 is a lucky number;  and having round-shaped fruits signifies coins. Thus, having a lot will definitely bring good luck and prosperity.

An average household would spend 1500-2000 pesos for the 13 variants of fruits alone. All of these were bought from SM Grocery stores – Hypermart and Savemore. But since we want to SAVE MORE this year, my friend and I decided to check out the variety of fruits available at stalls of Plaza Miranda near the Quiapo Church.

Here goes our list. Consider adding these fruits to your dining table on New Year’s Eve as we begin the countdown to 2018:

1. GRAPES (not the seedless ones) = Php70 for 1/2 kilo

Grapes are a symbol of wealth and pleasure. For Christians, grapes and wine are a symbol of the blood of Jesus, while for Israelite, they represent new life. Seeds represent abundance. Kung gusto mo ng masaganang bagong taon, wag kalimutang kumain ng ubas!

2. APPLES = Php50 for 3 pieces (large)

Apples symbolize peace, wisdom, knowledge, love, youth, marriage and immortality. Healthy white teeth are also linked to apples. Pwede mo nang sabihing, an apple a day, keeps the enemies away! World peace lang ang peg dapat!

3. MELONS = Php25 for 1 medium-sized

4. POMELO (Suha) = Php100 for 3 small pieces

Melons and the pomelo symbolize family unity.  they hold out the wish that the family will, like the moon, stay round, large, whole, and also united. Kaya let-go of those tampo sa family member! After all, a family will always be a family.

(NOTE: I only spent Php30 for the Suha, while my friend got the other 2 for Php70. This is the main advantage of having a company when doing the grocery. ..lols) Kaya yayain na si BFF na mamili para share kayo ng expenses. O diba, wais-kuripot!


13 Lucky Fruits


5. PINEAPPLE= Php30 for 1 small-sized

Pineapple is a mainstay because the crown signifies something majestic. Plus, the eyes symbolize the coins. Malay mo naman, sa dami ng mata ng pinya, makita mo na rin si Mr. Right! Baka sya na ang icing sa ibabaw ng cupcake mo! Char lang!

6. MANGOES= Php100 for 1 tumpok of 3

Mango are sacred (in India) and  represents fertility and good fortune. Baka makahabol pa kayo ng junior dyan!

7. LEMON= Php50 for 1 tumpok of 3

Lemon’s fragrance and essence is known to cleanse and remove negative vibes. Sakto to sa mga negatrons! Iwan mo na mga grudges mo, say hello to 2018 hate-free!

8. PLUM= Php50 for 3 pieces

Plums are a symbol of spring and immortality. In the Far East, the plum is a symbol of spring, as it blossoms between two seasons and represents youthfulness. Kain ka nito beshie, mas mura to kesa sa botox! Simulan mo na rin ang balik-alindog program!


13 Lucky Fruits


9. PERSIMMONS – Php100 for 3 pieces

Persimmon is another fruit of the Gods. In China this fruit is used to regulate one’s ch’i (personal energy) and is symbolic of joy. To Japanese, it is a symbol of triumph. Para achieve na achieve lahat ng goals mo in life!

10. KIAT KIAT or MANDARIN ORANGES- Php50 for isang tumpok

11. PONKAN – Php50 for 3 pieces

12. DALANDAN – Php25 isang tumpok

Kiat Kiat, Ponkan and Dalandan all belong to Citrus family. They are the most common food symbols of the New Year. Whereas tangerines represent wealth, oranges are a popular symbol of good luck. Heto na ang sagot sa lahat ng kamalasan mo sa buhay, sis! Pero syempre, sikap rin ha, wag puro asa sa swerte lang!

13.  PEAR – Php50 isang tumpok

Pears are a long lived fruit tree, as they can survive for 350 years, and so they symbolize a wish for a long life.



1. GRAPES = Php70
2. APPLES    = Php50
3. MELONS = Php25
4. POMELO (Suha) = Php30
6. MANGOES= Php100
7. LEMON= Php50
8. PLUM= Php50
9. PERSIMMONS – Php100
11. PONKAN – Php50
12. DALANDAN – Php25
13.  PEAR – Php50

TOTAL:  PHP 680.00



What a huge savings!!! Do not be deceived by the fruit baskets being sold inside the malls. The basket appeared to be full of fruits – thanks to the Styrofoam they have hidden at the bottom, which you cannot see unless you removed the plastic cover.

May all these 13 fruits bring good health and attract prosperity to you and your family. Again, from the bottom of our heart, Happy New Year! Manigong Bagong Taon! Masaganang Ba-gong Taon! Bulahang Bag-ong Tuig! Prospero Año Nuevo! Naragsac nga Baro nga Tawen! Masinadyahong Bag-ong Tuig! Mainuswagon nga Bag-o nga Tuig! Maliket ya balon taon!





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