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Valentine’s Day Favorite Fun Facts – History, Traditions, Numbers and More!

Valentine’s Day is upon us again. It is the time of year when cupid strikes and spread love. February 14 is considered to be the day full of roses, chocolates and teddy bears. You will see couples express their affections through candlelit dinner dates, exchanging precious gifts and watching classic romantic comedies over a glass of wine. It is indeed a great celebration, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this saint, and where did these traditions come from? Here are some Valentine’s Day Favorite Fun Facts that you might want to know- from the origin of Valentine’s Day to interesting traditions around the world and more!

The History

The beginnings of celebrating love in February date back to the Romans. The feast of Lupercalia was a pagan fertility and health festival that is observed from February 13th through the 15th. It was celebrated at least as far back as 44 BCE (the year Julius Caesar was assassinated). Some historians believe it goes back even further but with possibly a different name. (SOURCE: History Channel)




Traditions Around the World

From pigs that symbolize luck and lust, to mass weddings and flock of magpies. While majority of Filipino couples are busy shopping for gifts and planning a get away this Valentine’s Day, other sweethearts from around the world are preparing quite differently. Here is how Valentine’s Day being observed and celebrated around the world.  (SOURCE: Daily Mail UK Online)




Special Feature – Heartbreaks and Healing in the Philippines

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, online shopping portal Lazada came out with an online survey a year ago to determine how technology affects relationships- how we get together, fight, break up, and move on. Entitled “Heartbreaks and Healing”, the study revealed that 58% of over 500 polled Filipinos admitted in using mobile phones to end relationships. Almost 30% of which used text messaging, 22% resorted to phone call and 7% used instant message. The use of emoji was not measured.

Thirty-four percent (34.8%) of those surveyed said they broke up with their partners in person, while 6.3% said they ended the relationship through a handwritten letter.



When it comes to developing relationships, online profiling has become a standard practice. Fifty-four percent (54%) of respondents check a potential date’s social media profile before going out with him or her. Online research and dating are now so intertwined that even if they like someone in person, 60% of people have said that they lost interest after doing more research on social media.



The Internet continues to have a huge role even after breakups, with more than half of respondents (52%) saying that they have stalked their ex’s social media page after the split.  While breakups are tough, 1 out of every 3 respondents, ended up getting back together with their ex.


How to get back together? Trust is one important factor. Almost 65% of respondents say they share their email, phone and app passwords with their significant other.





Gifts don’t hurt too. Seventy-five percent (75% ) of respondents agreed that giving gifts helps in the reconciliation process, with 69% of them saying that such items need not be expensive.

At the end of the day, if you and your significant other (SO) stay together or drift apart it is important to not harbor any ill will. More people want to wish their exes well this Valentine’s day (40%) than not think of them at all (33%).



SOURCE: Lazada News


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