Buy 1 Take 1 All Fridays Promo

CafeFrance 8th Anniversary Treat – Buy 1 Take 1 All Fridays Promo – Jan 2019

Delight your palate and enjoy a quick pastry fix from CafeFrance 8th Anniversary Treat via Buy 1 Take 1 All Fridays Promo!

Nothing beats the comfort, taste and smell of fresh-baked bread.  And what’s better than bread? Getting twice the indulgence from this crave-worthy food! Fill your FRIDAYS with the warmth of baked goodness as CafeFrance celebrates their 8th Year Anniversary with a BANG! Taste the most spectacular flavors of Buy 1 Take 1 ALL Fridays Promo this January.

Tag your food trip buddies and visit the nearest CafeFrance store on January 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2019. Only selected bread and pastries will be included in the promo. The FREEBIE will be the same variant as your first order. Lastly, there is no limit on how many you can purchase in a single order and it is available all-day every Friday!

Check out the full list of CafeFrance locations by clicking HERE. Visit their official Facebook Page for more details and updates.

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