Kenny Rogers Roasters Grill Fest 2018

Kenny Rogers Roasters Grill Fest 2018 – Affordable SOLO and GROUP Meals

Sun’s up, grills out. It’s time to get fired up with Kenny Rogers Roasters Grill Fest 2018!

Summer goes hand in hand with outdoor fun and deliciously healthy food. Our favorite Kenny Rogers Roasters is priming up their grills and smokers to prepare steaks, chicken, veggies, fish and more! Whether it’s on the beach, the backyard or the pool, this season is never complete without a perfect feast of flavors.  Go beyond burgers and try their awesome grilling extravaganza offerings at Kenny Rogers Roasters Grill Fest 2018.

Foodies get to choose from a wide selection of Grilled PlatesPremium Steak Plate, Rib Plate, Fish Plate, Grilled Chicken Plate, Burger Steak Plate or Sausage Plate.


Kenny Rogers Roasters Grill Fest 2018


Grilled Sausage Plate includes Schublig Sausage, two (2) sides, one (1) serving of rice and a muffin. Enjoy this will for Php230 only. 

Burger Steak Plate will let you devour a 1/3 pound of patty with two (2) sides, one (1) serving of rice and a muffin for Php245 only. 

Grilled Chicken Plate will liven up your food feast with Rosemary and Thyme Chicken served with a rice and a muffin plus 2 sides of your choice. Order this for only Php245.

Grilled Fish Plate includes Basa Fish fillet served with rice, muffin and 2 sides for just Php250,

Rib Plate unleashes for inner carnivore with 1/2 slabs of ribs that is served with served with rice, muffin and 2 sides. Get this deal for only Php385 

Premium Steak Plate tickles your tummies with ultimate a premium steak served with 2 sides just for Php475


If you are looking for a perfect meal to feast on with your loved ones, Kenny Rogers Roasters also got you covered with ALL GRILLED GROUP MEAL. Delve into these awesome goodness treats –  All for for 1,190 only!

Half Slab Ribs
Rosemary & Thyme Chicken
American BBQ Chicken
Burger Steak
4 side dishes
4 rice
4 muffins
a pitcher of iced tea.

Visit their Facebook Page for more information and updates. 


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