Ramen Shokudo's Buy One Get One Mondays

Ramen Shokudo’s Buy One Get One Mondays- Starting Nov. 5, 2018

Experience the bliss of Ramen Shokudo’s Buy One Get One Mondays!


Our Mondays got a whole lot better with a comforting, , soul-warming bowl of authentic Japanese Ramen. Prepare to be bowled over Ramen Shokudo’s Buy One Get One Mondays starting November 5, 2018. Slurp out loud to a bowl of any two (2) variants of Ramens and just pay for the one with a higher price ONLY. Shake up your day with any of these delightful Ramen flavors:


Toriton Shio (Salt Base): Php360

A special salt is added to Toriton soup to make it hearty, creamy, savory and comforting to our taste buds.


Toriton Shoyu (Soy Sauce Base): Php360

It is a mix of port and chicken broth simmered for 6 hours before meeting its soulmate, a savory but subtle soy sauce base. Topped off with satisfyingly dense noodles and tender slices of pork, the soup is combined with Ramen Shokudo’s original soy sauce base.

Toriton Miso (Japanese Sauce Base): Php380

Ramen Shokudo’s unique mixture of fermented soybeans called MISO is mixed on Toriton soup.


Toriton Tan-Tan Men (Spicy Ramen): Php380

A thicker and richer version of Toriton soup that is combined with sesame paste and spicy sauce. 


Ramen Shokudo is an authentic Yokohama style ramen restaurant in the heart of Quezon City. They are open Sunday to Saturday from 11:00 AM until 11:00 PM. They are located in 401 Banawe Avenue Quezon City, Philippines. For more details and inquiries, you may call (02) 247 7873 and visit their Facebook Page





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