Converse Marikina Warehouse Sale 2020

CANCELED: Converse Marikina Warehouse Sale 2020 from March 14 to 22 ONLY

Boasting with unbeatable selection of shoes, apparel and accessories, the Converse Marikina Warehouse Sale 2020 is set to rev up your summer #OOTDs on a budget!

Here’s another reason to get even more excited this hot season, especially for sneaker-heads who love the great outdoors! Set the summer a blaze with classic street style essentials that you can grab at a huge discount. Snap up the iconic and most sought-after brand and score up to 70% OFF its original price when you shop from March 14 until 22, 2020

Behold at the marvelous display of  stylish pieces when you visit their warehouse located at No. 65 B.G Molina in Parang, Marikina. They are open from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM daily including weekends. Note that the warehouse is only open during the sale period. They replenish stocks every other day but we recommend going to the venue on the first few weekdays so you can get dibs on amazing styles and designs that is guaranteed to complete your head-to-toe look.

Here are the VIDEO CLIPS from September 2019 Warehouse Sale to unleash your inner shopping warrior.

YouTube video from: Nars Lagalag

What's on sale at Converse Marikina Warehouse

Check out the feature gems and street-stlye pieces at bargrain prices from Converse Marikina Warehouse Sale 2019 happening Sept. 22 ONLY.—————————Full details at—————————**NOTE: I do NOT own the video*YouTube video from: Nars LagalagLink:

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  • Board a Jeep or FX with a sign “PARANG-PHILSTRESS-NGI” (Because there’s another Parang/NGI route – Molave/Bayan-bayanan)


  • Take a jeep going to Marikina Bayan/Palengke.
  • After getting off, walk towards Sumulong Highway going to the Marikina Bridge.
  • Then board a Jeep or FX with a sign “Parang” and/or “NGI”
  • Then tell the driver to drop you off at Converse Warehouse.  


Just for your information, some Marikina residents call it EDWARDSON.


BUYING TIPS (from Marikina City website)

  • There are lesser shoppers during weekdays. This is the ideal time to score some haulin’ with your buddies.
  • Stocks are replenished so don’t worry that you won’t be able to buy anything.
  • If you come on the opening day, be prepared to line up for several hours.
  • They give trash bags when you enter the warehouse for the shoes that you will buy. 
  • It is a warehouse, not a mall. Dress comfortably.


– Gates are open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. They are open even on weekends BUT during the sale period only.  
– Proud Kuripot is NOT connected in any way to this sale event, to any staff, or to the Management and Converse Marikina Warehouse. We only post about it 🙂
– All ITEMS are 100% Brand New and Legit. The warehouse is Converse Philippines’ warehouse itself. There are no OEM, Class AAA, Overruns, Used or Slightly Used.
– Everything on display is “as is” condition.
– Restock happens after a day up to 3 days.
– Credit cards are accepted.



See you at the venue and happy shopping!


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