The Metro Stores’ Summer Appliance Sale 2019

The Metro Store Summer Appliance Sale 2019 until May 26




Sizzle up your home with exciting discounts and freebies from The Metro Stores Summer Appliance Sale 2019!




With temperatures soaring up to 35°C these days, it is no surprise that most of us would prefer to relax indoors after endless adventures and fun under the sun. And with the right appliances, turning your home into a summer oasis should not cost you an arm or leg. Ready your wallets and head to The Metro Stores Summer Appliance Sale 2019. Whether you want a full suite of new appliances for your home or just need to upgrade a single unit, now’s the time to start looking for pieces at terrific price offs.




Get your home summer-ready with the hottest deals on air conditioners, air coolers, electric fans, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, LED and Smart TVs and more! The Metro Stores’ Summer Appliance Sale 2019 is happening now until May 26, 2019 in all Metro Department Stores and Super Metro Stores nationwide. 





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