Chowking’s Holiday Chow Feast Combo Group Meals

Catch the holiday bug as early as November with Chowking’s Holiday Chow Feast!   There’s no better way to savor the year’s most wonderful season than by spending quality time with the entire family or friends over sumptuous meal. Turn up any simple gathering into a real and marvelous feast with Chowking’s Holiday Chow Feast. […]

Chowking Chicken Lauriat Blow-Out

Chowking Chicken Lauriat Blow-Out until July 31, 2020

Load yourself up with exploding flavors from Chowking Chicken Lauriat Blow-Out!   If home-cooked meals are starting to bore out your taste buds, here’s an exclusive offer that can put the excitement back! Let your love for Chinese-Style Fried Chicken soar higher by availing Chowking Chicken Lauriat Blow-Out available until July 31, 2020! Get your […]

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