Max's All-You-Can Treat

Max’s All-You-Can Treat and More Sarap-to-the-Bone Deals

Rev up your love for the world’s greatest comfort food with Max’s All-You-Can Treat and More Sarap-to-the-Bone Deals! Nothing could be more gratifying than having our cravings satisfied with unli serving of  flavorful and juicy fried chicken.  Grab your wet naps as our favorite #SarapToTheBones restaurant is giving us more reasons to engage in a […]

Max’s Restaurant Chicken All-You-Can – July 6, 2018 ONLY

Brace yourselves for another “sarap-to-the-bones” treat from Max’s Restaurant Chicken All-You-Can!   Who does not love fried chicken? This popular restaurant staple and ultimate soul-food is enjoyed across the globe. In fact, foodies and fried chicken lovers have dedicated a special day in July just to celebrate this delicious dish. So, it is time to break out the […]

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