Potato Corner's National Fries Payday Treat

Potato Corner’s National Fries Payday Treat – Aug 15-17, 2023 ONLY

Be the master of your week and celebrate your love for the ultimate comfort food with Potato Corner’s National Fries Payday Treat!  French fries, chips, french fried potatoes or others- whatever you call them, August 15-17 are the days to celebrate the sliced, fried treats we all love so much! You read it right. National French […]

Krispy Kreme Original Best-Sellers

Save ₱126 on Krispy Kreme Original Best-Sellers from April 29 to May 1

  It is time to pamper your palate with a box of heavenly goodies from Krispy Kreme Original Best-Sellers.    Kickoff your fun-filled weekend adventure as early as Friday. Krispy Kreme Original Best-Sellers features a decadent dozen of exquisite ring-shaped dough guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and inner cheapskate.   Get six (6) Original […]

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