Shakey's OCTOBER FEAST Delivery Exclusive

Shakey’s OCTOBER FEAST Delivery Exclusive until October 31

Savor the most spectacular flavors of Shakey’s OCTOBER FEAST Delivery Exclusive!   Here is an OCTOBER feast to bring out the gourmand in you! Enjoy bonding moments with your loved ones over and mouthwatering fast-food favorites with Shakey’s OCTOBER FEAST Delivery Exclusive! Grab a 18″ Classic Pizza, four (4) pieces of Chicken ‘N’ Mojos, choice of […]

Shakey's Original Bunch of Lunch Promo

Shakey’s Original Bunch of Lunch Promo until July 31, 2019

Shakey’s Original Bunch of Lunch Promo offers only rich, savory goodness on every bite!   In today’s world where fast food chains reign supreme, it’s really hard to find something that offers fresh and authentic meal that is delightful, filling and within our budget. But you can now rest this case with Shakey’s Original Bunch […]

Shakey's Pizza Super Deal

Shakey’s Pizza Super Deal – April 9 to 11, 2019

  Tickle your taste buds as you devour on Shakey’s Pizza Super Deal!     The temps are going up! As everyone gears up for the summer season, our favorite pizza palace has rocked up with Shakey’s Pizza Super Deal. Bursting with flavor and excitement, prepare to engage in another pizza binge-eating adventure that won’t […]

Shakey's Weekday Pizza Party 2018

Shakey’s Weekday Pizza Party 2018 until Nov. 29

Shakey’s Weekday Pizza Party 2018 is adding a blast to your boring routines.    How about a mood booster for those stressful weekdays? What a better way to recharge yourself than catching up with your family or friends while devouring treats from Shakey’s Weekday Pizza Party 2018. Thrill your taste buds with four (4) regular size thin crust pizzas in any All-Time […]

Shakey’s Delivery Deals 2018 for Php899 ONLY- Save as Much as Php411

  Ready your tummies for the yummiest invasion of flavors from Shakey’s Delivery Deals 2018!   Planning a pizza party for family or friends? Well, make it stress-free. Delicious pizza, crispy wings, savory pasta and sides- everything in just a click or call away. Nothing can top amazingly enticing treats from Shakey’s Delivery Deals 2018. Tempt your taste buds […]

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