Starbucks GRANDE Wednesday 2019

Starbucks GRANDE Wednesday 2019 – July 31 to Sept 04

Here is a midweek delight to stay energized and make hump-days even better. Starbucks GRANDE Wednesday 2019 is back!   Welcome the fun and relaxing season with these five (5) featured beverages* that will surely give you all the chilling and heavenly feels. Starbucks GRANDE Wednesday 2019 will let every sweet tooth sing in delight while […]


Grande for ₱100 at STARBUCKS GRANDE WEDNESDAYS for May 2018

Coffee lovers, be frappy and celebrate the warm weather with STARBUCKS GRANDE WEDNESDAYS. If you are after a midweek delight of Frappuccino goodness, you are in luck. Our favorite American coffee company and coffeehouse chain is bringing back STARBUCKS GRANDE WEDNESDAYS. Take a sip of their special customized Frappuccino blended beverages for only ₱100 for a Grande (16oz.) size all Wednesdays […]

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