Shakey's Flavorful Family Feast

EXTENDED: Shakey’s Flavorful Family Feast and Bunch of Lunch

  Stuff yourself and the whole squad with outrageously tempting treats from Shakey’s Flavorful Family Feast and Bunch of Lunch!   Indulge your senses and amp up your appetite! Get your pizza, pasta, and chicken combo fix as Shakey’s extends its Flavorful Family Feast and Bunch of Lunch offers! Make bonding moments more fun with a […]

Shakey's Triple Treat

Shakey’s Triple Treat: Deli-Deal, Midnight Madness and Buy 1 Take 1 Promos!

  Enter a state of frenzy and savor the awesomeness of Shakey’s Triple Treat!     If you’re looking for a place to get your pizza and carb fix, look no further. Amp up your appetite and give your taste buds a real feast with Shakey’s Triple Treat.  Celebrate your love for these carb-loading dishes […]

Shakey's Home Bonding Offer

EXTENDED : Shakey’s Home Bonding (H.B.O.) Offer until Oct 31, 2021

  Turn your lunch or dinner into a celebration that’s one for the books with Shakey’s Home Bonding (H.B.O.) Offer!   Feast your eyes on this new way to bond! Shakey’s Home Bonding (H.B.O.) features some mind-blowing delights that are guaranteed to satisfy your your epic hunger. Gather your homies, relax and dig into some heavenly array of comfort […]

Peri-Peri Chicken's Home Bonding Offer

Peri-Peri Chicken’s Home Bonding Offer until August 13, 2020

Fire up your appetite with an array lip-smacking dishes from Peri-Peri Chicken’s Home Bonding Offer!   What’s a better way to celebrate your movie bondings? A savory and flavorful food adventure with incredible delights that are fresh off the grill. Peri-Peri Chicken’s Home Bonding Offer is available turn a simple family meal with heavenly indulgence […]

SHAKEYS' Weekday Pizza Party

SHAKEYS’ Weekday Pizza Party for Php1199 until December 21, 2017

Tickle those taste buds with SHAKEYS’ Weekday Pizza Party for Php1199 only! Pizza lovers, gratify your cravings for some savory Italian dish. Fuel your weekdays this Holiday season with three (3)  Large Thin Crust Pizzas of Christmas Ham, Scallop Primo, and Manager’s Choice. Add four (4) servings of Panna Cotta, two (2) pitchers of Coke and a basket […]

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